As their name suggests this is truly an allstar lineup of some of Christchurch’s most amazing musical talents, largely graduates of the Christchruch Jazz School and comprising members of Solaa, Shapeshifter and Verse 2. The group formed in 2002, initiated and handpicked by Oakley, they banded together briefy, rehearsed and recorded enough of Oakley’s originals to release a full length album before most members of the group disbanded overseas on other musical ventures as Summer ended.

Stylistically they have been likened to the infamous ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ and similarly their live blend of dub, jazz and reggae makes a perfect accompaniment to a Summer .

The Otautahi Allstars – Self titled L.P. 2002

Devin Abrams – Saxophone
Isaac Aesili – Trumpet
Kurt Dyer- Percussion
Oakley Grenell – Guitar
Redford Grenell –Drums
Johnny Lawrence- Bass
Brent Parks - Vocals

(download hi-res photo here)(download hi-res photo here)