- City that Frosts 2005

1: Bling Bling Dogs
2: City that Frosts
3: Show some love
4: Love vs. War
5: Real Party
6: Be there
7: Weed is good
8: Happen 2 dem
9: Don't let me
10: Hell yeah
11: Won't work
12: Sometimes
13: Be there (Acoustic)
+ limited edition bonus Instrumentals disc

Description: Dancehall /Hip hop

Press Release
Take a trio of Caribbean – Montserrat Volcano evacuees- mix them up with Christchurch boy, Oakley Grenell (O.G.) in the city from which the album takes it's name – London- and this is what you get. 100 % authentic Caribbean vocal wit, dexterity and word craft are complemented by some of the of the finest NZ made beat-manship. Rhythmically and lyrically inspired by the clublands and cosmopolitan of London city and traditional Caribbean tempos and pieced together with good old kiwi ingenuity. Continents and cultures combine and 2 trips to London and 18 months later ‘City that Frosts' is ready to hit the shelves and the dancefloors of NZ. Dancehall, Hip Hop and Culture especially designed to shake bootys all night long and leave all chairs empty.

“ City That Frosts is the best thing to happen to hip hop so far this year. It's hot, fresh and innovative, with a Kiwi twang and saturated in Caribbean flava.The beats are sensational…' •  Tearaway

“ The sounds on the City that Frosts reinforce Grenell's ability as a musician and producer and illustrate his knack of connecting with a sweet hook and melody…4 Stars.” •  The Christchurch Press

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